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Alyson Weeces & The Darling Kathleens: Reviews

Once upon a time when I was young, I worked in a Vendome Liquor store. And one of our regulars used to come in every day (thus getting the title "regular") and buy a can of Coke. And one day he told me that there was something in the Coke formula that actually made it impossible for you to remember what a Coke tasted like. And I kinda rolled my eyes at him at the time because he was also buying a bottle of bourbon everyday and drinking it. But as the years went by I have often wondered if that guy wasn't right, that every time I drink a Coke it somehow feels like the first time.

All this to lead up to the thought that I feel the same way about Alyson Weeces' voice. Every time I hear it it somehow feels like the first time. It's like, I can't quite remember it... I am always so pleasantly surprised. I could listen to her sing all day. Although if I did, I wouldn't get any laundry done.
Bob Colleary (Apr 10, 2010)
This amazing local singer-songwriter stole my heart almost instantly with her original version of "Sorry". She's just a girl with a guitar...and an amazing voice...and a hell of a lot of talent. She's got such heart, is incredibly sweet, and truly has the voice of an angel.
John Walsh (Aug 31, 2010)